Deborah Turnbull Tillman

Deborah Turnbull Tillman

Deborah Turnbull Tillman is a curator specialising in design, technology and new media. Her first curatorial project was Beta_space, an experimental gallery at the Powerhouse Museum focused on the audience’s role in interactive art. This fueled her interest in how technology augments traditional art practice and how the audience is becoming a necessary material for technology based art.  She then joined the curatorial team at the Powerhouse Museum as Assistant Curator – Design & Technology, where she curated exhibitions such as ISEA2013designTECHGood Design and Game Masters.

As an independent curator working across platforms in Sydney, at university galleries, public institutions, ARIs, appropriated public spaces and experimental spaces, she has spent the last few years building case studies for a PhD proposal. She was awarded an Australian Post-Graduate Award (APA Scholarship) and is now exploring how authenticity affects the experience of the audience in interactive art as a Doctoral Candidate at the Creative Robotics Lab in the National Institute of Experimental Arts at UNSW Art & Design. Her foundational work is captured in major contracts with corporate clients, Ausgrid, and industry experts, Australia Council for the Arts and Experimenta. Her new work has been supported by international brand ISEA and was the Exhibition Production Manager for ISEA2015: Disruption. In Vancouver, she work with collaborators such as the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Museum of Vancouver, Simon Fraser University, the Emily Carr University of Art & Design and the New Forms Media Society.

An editor and author as well as a curator, Deborah is a casual lecturer in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UTS and in the Design Lab at the University of Sydney. She recently began sessional teaching at UNSW Art & Design.

Awards | Australian Postgraduate Award (2014-17) | Postgraduate Research Scholarship Scheme

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Book Chapters

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Conference Papers

Turnbull Tillman, D. and Velonaki, M.  (2015) Curating: a disruptive technique for disruptive technologies. Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA 2015). ISSN: 2451-8611 | ISBN: 978-1-910172-00-1. Vancouver, BC, Canada: 2015.

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Catalogue Contributions

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Select d*hub and Powerhouse Museum Blogs

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