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PhD Students to Travel to HCII 2017

PhD students Jorge Forseck and Deb Turnbull Tillman have been awarded travel grants from the Graduate Research School and the Faculty of Art & Design to present a long paper titled “An Exploratory Case Study into Curatorial Intervention Within the Context of HCI” at the Human Computer Interaction International 2017 in Vancouver, …

Endless Summer. Photo by Deb Turnbull Tillman featuring Bella Dunstan

Kate Dunn exhibits in ‘A Working Model of the World’

Kate Dunn is currently exhibiting two artworks in the UNSW Galleries Exhibition A Working Model of the World, co-curated by Lizzie Muller and Holly Williams. The artworks are Endless Summer – a 3D model that traces Sydney’s recent record-breaking heatwaves (pictured in the thumbnail image), and Sydney Heatwaves – a set of 3D models that depict …

Visitors: Osaka University

We were very pleased to welcome to our lab: A/Prof Hideyuki Ando (Osaka University), A/Prof Junji Watanabe (Tokyo Institute of Technology), and Dr Dominick Chen (Dividual KK).

Circle E: Fragile Balances

Circle E: Fragile Balances

A wooden table-like object is placed opposite the Circle D: Fragile Balances work in the exhibition space. The object is made of has the same finish as the base from Circle D: Fragile Balances. Read More



Diamandini is an interactive humanoid robot developed over a period of five years and supported by  an Australian Research Council Discovery grant. Diamandini is 155cm high, unrealistically slender, and externally finished in a porcelain-like material. Read More

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